When I ask people why they choose to eat poor quality, processed foods, full of rubbish, the most common answer I get is that eating healthy is expensive. Now, personally I think that is a terrible excuse.

Follow my 5 tips to eating nutritious food on a budget, and you’ll make huge savings without compromising the quality of your food.


  1. Buy in bulk and make huge savings. For example, if you eat chicken 5 times a week, why not go to the local butchers or an online meat company, and buy 5kg of chicken breast, then freeze it in portions. I have personally been doing this for years. Not only is it a cheap, but the chicken breasts are better quality.


  1. Vary your protein. Meat & fish are probably the two most expensive items in your shopping basket, therefore it is important to be aware of the cheaper cuts of meat and alternative protein sources. For example, tuna and mackerel are high in protein and packed full of goodness, and are relatively cheap. Also, products such as Greek yoghurt and a whey protein powder are cheap ways of getting extra protein into the diet on a budget.


  1. Support local traders. Local butchers, fishmongers and green grocers all source local produce which is seasonal and excellent quality. If you shop around they will often have some great offers on certain products. This is where you can look to invest in some of the special offers and save yourself some money on your supermarket shop.


  1. Swap branded products for supermarket versions. All supermarkets have their own branded versions of most products, such as oils. The quality of the oil is similar and will be much cheaper than a branded option. Items such as dried fruits and nuts will be much cheaper in supermarket brands than buying branded alternatives.


  1. Compare prices and where you’re shopping. With the rise of the smaller chain supermarkets and discount shops, there is massive competition out there. This is excellent from a consumer’s point of view, as supermarkets are all trying to out compete each other. Therefore, have look around different supermarkets and compare the prices, often the quality is pretty similar for a much lower price.


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